Contains ansible playbook to set up VPS
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VPS set up playbooks

Contains ansible playbooks to set up VPS instances.


A virtual host installed with Ubuntu Server 18. You will need the root password initially. You should have a password for the new SSH login user ready.

Technical dependencies on host machine (Python 2.7 or 3.5+):

  • python / python3
  • python-pip / python3-pip
  • python-apt / python3-apt

Technical dependencies on managed machines:

  • python / python3

Install further dependencies on the host machine: pip install -r requirements.txt


After cloning the repo to your ansible host, copy hosts.example to hosts and fill the file appropriately. If you use Python 3 on the managed machine, you probably need to adapt the ansible_python_interpreter variable.

Furthermore, you have to copy the *_vars.yml.example files and update the variable values.

The initial setup assumes an OVH VPS machine (login via root password). If your machine already has a login user with passwordless sudo and a locked root password (Ubuntu default) then you can directly start with the other playbooks.

As of now Ubuntu Server 18 installations are expected.

  • initial setup: ansible-playbook -i hosts initial-setup.yml --ask-pass
  • collabora setup: ansible-playbook -i hosts collabora.yml
  • drone setup: ansible-playbook -i hosts drone.yml
  • collabora + drone setup: ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yml