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Added short presentation about thesis

Signed-off-by: Jim Martens <>
Jim Martens 3 years ago
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\author{Jim Martens}
\title{Object Detection with Novelty Detection}
\item neural network trained with one group of classes
\item classification for unknown classes is always wrong
\item how to identify such cases in large set of data?
\item auto encoder (Pidhorskyi et al\cite{Pidhorskyi2018}): high error indicates images with unknown classes
\item measure entropy of classification (Miller et al\cite{Miller2018}): exclude high entropy cases
\begin{frame}{Own work and problems}
\item compare performance of auto encoder approach with Miller's approach
\item auto encoder: learns general identity function, therefore error meaningless
\item vanilla SSD: learning issues
\item Bayesian SSD: did not try yet
\item precision, recall, f1 scores, mean average precision
\item open set error