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  Jim Martens d9fa9420fd Bumped version number 1 hour ago
  Jim Martens 0361c11d7a Updated version alt text in readme 1 hour ago
  Jim Martens 8b10f9969e Added info about packaging 1 hour ago
  Jim Martens 5ae4e0ae93 Added missing pattern 1 hour ago
  Jim Martens 0cdf7f09d0 Fixed missing len of pattern 2 months ago
  Jim Martens f24996512d Match case insensitive 2 months ago
  Jim Martens 9d94f08428 Added additional video conference start 2 months ago
  Jim Martens cde9d51ab5 Added venv to gitignore 2 months ago
  Jim Martens 15bc2d4e49 Fixed video conferences 2 months ago
  Jim Martens a5f49b27fd Fixed login procedure and updated changelog/README 4 months ago
  Jim Martens 6249e60276 Added support for video conferences 4 months ago
  Jim Martens 6fd875f78d Added window size to driver config for internal 8 months ago
  Jim Martens 977f554043 Fixed documentation 9 months ago
  Jim Martens c47f3c1760 Updated version and documentation 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 76f77058c0 Added path to geckodriver 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 7fded5f09d Fixed remaining issues with storing organization data 9 months ago
  Jim Martens c2aeb93b67 Extracted functions and added code for persons and organizations 9 months ago
  Jim Martens e097803b94 Use sub parsers 9 months ago
  Jim Martens cb91739d86 Added single point of entry for application 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 674abb6cf7 Read files from motion pages 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 25cde91ca6 Fixed SonarLint issue 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 49826595c8 Use _by_xpath methods where possible 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 7424492c3a Parse consultations and store with motion 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 6ebce4f03f Do not save consultation in context 9 months ago
  Jim Martens fe11096263 Implemented scraping from public calendar 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 8f0c9f37e2 WIP commit 9 months ago
  Jim Martens 3f5ae9ad34 Added info about firefox binary to README 10 months ago
  Jim Martens 504b630955 Bumped version number 10 months ago
  Jim Martens dcaa4e3075 Added headless option which mysteriously disappeared 10 months ago
  Jim Martens a82680a2a2 Fixed login for new service portal 10 months ago
  Jim Martens 68f2f74203 Added config option firefoxBinary 1 year ago
  Jim Martens a29d96c760 Covered cases of fewer documents available and added ort.txt 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 45813e5186 Specify path to firefox binary 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 12cfb4285e Added rudimentary documentation 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 446aa7df68 Fixed badges in readme 1 year ago
  Jim Martens b0b9c02d3f Fixed link to README in setup 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 94768cd694 Bumped version number and noted changes in changelog 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 39900aaa27 Added changelog and use rST for README 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 91364e8a13 Added support for modern python build system 1 year ago
  Jim Martens e5dd1479c7 Fixed wrong links after fourth link was added in ALLRIS 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 1036e77c5e Bumped version number 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 8c271853e9 Fixed URL and headless mode for Firefox on GUI-free host 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 7ade635756 Added support for multiple districts 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 9f89a78763 Bumped version number 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 8fd4155646 Fixed detection of meetings 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 429ecf6ee0 Added support for official abbreviations 1 year ago
  Jim Martens 9e2dc083c6 Bumped version number 1 year ago
  Jim Martens ef336cc7c7 Properly fixed regional committees 1 year ago
  Jim Martens ffe299d8ba Bumped version number 1 year ago
  Jim Martens eadd7bfcd0 Fixed regional committees 1 year ago