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% main thesis file
% first: let's determine the class we want to use
\documentclass[12pt]{masterthesis} % we use our custom masterthesis class
\KOMAoption{draft}{false} % set for "draft" mode, disable later
% define "variables"
\title{Novelty detection for object detection in open set conditions}
\author{Jim Martens}
\subject{} % value for pdfsubject
\newcommand{\keywords}{CV} % value for pdfkeywords
\newcommand{\studiengang}{\IfLanguageName{british}{Computer Science M.Sc.}{Master Informatik}}
\newcommand{\faculty}{\IfLanguageName{british}{MIN Faculty}{MIN-Fakult\"{a}t}}
\newcommand{\department}{\IfLanguageName{british}{Department of Computer Science}{Fachbereich Informatik}}
% define here to prevent building errors
% load protected variables
% use custom package to prevent spamming the preamble
% specify image location
% specify bib resource
% begin document
% invoke start command(s) from masterthesis package
% invoke finish command(s) from masterthesis package